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Body Contouring Surgeon Who Does Pro Bono Work In Los Angeles

Dr. John Diaz Body Contouring Specialist
Dr. John Diaz believes it is a privilege and honor to be a physician. He has a passion for using his knowledge and skills to help others. In addition to using his surgical skills to help patients, Dr. Diaz also spends time mentoring and teaching students. Read below to learn more about his charitable work. 
Dr. John Diaz Body Contouring Specialist
Dr. John Diaz Body Contouring Specialist
Dr. John Diaz Body Contouring Specialist
The Grossman Burn Center was founded 45 years ago. It started as a plastic surgery burn center designed to provide the comprehensive treatment of burns. The centers are recognized world wide for their pioneering techniques in the advanced treatment of burns. Dr. Diaz is proud to have worked with the Grossman Burn Centers. His work in the reconstruction of burned patients has been a source of tremendous fulfillment and pride. Click on the videos to learn more about Dr. Diaz's work with the Grossman Burn Center.
Dr. Diaz is passionate about education. He has been a volunteer for an incredible organization called South Central Scholars. This organization helps disadvantaged, but highly motivated, inner city high school and college students. These students have demonstrated tremendous academic potential, but lack strong support systems in their lives. Diaz works with students by providing advice and guidance. Whether it is helping edit college application essays or just talking on the phone, Dr. Diaz offers his time to these special students in need. 
Dr. Diaz is honored to have worked with the Guardian Scholars Program at the Universty of California at Riverside. This program provides a network of resources for students who have aged out of the foster care system or who have been legally emancipated. This program provides educational support, counseling, financial resources and guidance to help students in their pursuit of higher education. It was a privilege for Dr. Diaz to participate as a mentor in this very special organization. 
Cedars Sinai Medical Center provides free healthcare for patients who demonstrate need and qualify for the program. Dr. Diaz volunteers at the clinic for Plastic Surgery every month. He sees patients who have a variety of problems, such as skin cancers of the face or body, benign masses, hand injuries and other plastic surgery issues. Dr. Diaz performs the reconstructive surgery they need as a charitable service. It is rewarding for him to use his plastic surgery knowledge and skills for patients in need.
Dr. Diaz loves teaching and mentoring younger students who are interested in pursuing a career in medicine. He created a summer internship program for motivated and talented college students majoring in pre-medical studies. Students in this program have the opportunity to observe selected surgeries and to participate in research. They also receive instruction in the basic concepts of surgery. Lastly, Dr. Diaz also provides them with advice and guidance to achieve success in college as they prepare to apply to medical school.
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